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About us

About us

About us

About us

About us

About us

About us

About us

We are a fund run by tech enthusiasts  to support visionaries and innovators building deep tech solutions and engineering innovation.

We are keen to bring science to society and believe this can be achieved by nurturing the tech startup ecosystem.


We are attracted to disruptive innovations that are deeply rooted in multiple streams of science, engineering and technology.

We think non-linear value creation comes from solutions that haven’t existed in the past. We are looking at flying taxis, alternative energy, the future of work and no-code-low code and space tech - no longer technologies of the future but already here. And we are excited to participate in making these a reality.

We take a people-first approach when we work with early-stage founders. We look for unique and deep insights in their vision. We back ideas for exponential innovations and not those that show incremental improvement over existing solutions. We want products and tech that will make the world simpler and better

Often, we come as the first institutional investor. We are patient partners, well aware that early-stage disruptive innovation is hard.

While our focus is on India, we believe that great ideas are not limited by borders and have invested in startups in the USA, Israel and Singapore.


Founders pushing innovation

We like to see confident yet humble founders who are pushing the limits of imagination in their innovation.

Ideas taking shape

We love visionaries who can communicate the strength and power of their ideas with a great narrative.

People hard at work

We expect our founders to hustle and work harder than us. Or as we say, the only playbook there is, is hard work, a sense of urgency and constant learning.


We look for founders who bring deep insights about their domain and the motivation to succeed.

At the core of our investment strategy is the long-term relationship we expect to build with our founders. As a team, we spend a lot of time getting to know the founders before we invest.

We take a first-principles approach in evaluating technology. Our immersive interest allows us to better gauge the product-market fit and and therefore the scale of impact. We want to see large-scale impact and solutions to universal problems.

Having been a part of the early-stage startup ecosystem ourselves, we have walked in our founders’ shoes. It makes us extremely agile in our engagement and response times.


We think of ourselves as long-term business partners for our portfolio companies. Beyond capital, we wear various hats at different stages of the company’s growth.

Access to early customers

Our understanding of the product and its customer value chain allows us to identify the right early partners for our companies. We also connect our founders with industry leaders who can offer invaluable insights.

Hiring early team members

We help our startups hire their first dozen, staying cognizant of the long-term value that these resources can bring.

Follow-on capital

We leverage our deeply forged relationships in the VC community to help our founders raise follow-on capital.

Industry updates

While our founders stay razor-focused on building their business, we keep them updated on what's happening in their industry, and insights about competition.

Active partnership

We take a keen interest in the progress of our companies, on the product being built and software that’s being developed.

It does not stop here; we are always a text away should our founders need our help.


We come in early, with cheques of $100K to $500K. Our current active fund began in 2021 and will be used to invest in 20+ companies and for follow-on investments.

Our investments are multi-disciplinary, and some of the technologies we are supporting include:

Enterprise Software & SaaS

.No-Code Low Code
.Cloud/Dev Infra
.Future of Work

Frontier Tech

.Climate Tech and Clean Energy
.Electric and Autonomous Vehicles
.Space Tech
.Quantum Computing
.Synthetic Biology
++ So much more!

These are a small representation of the technologies our companies are working on.