When do I approach you?

Startups have come to us when they are as small as 2-3 people with an idea. We are often the first investor for our startups. So, even if you don’t think you’re ready, we’d still like to get to know you.

What if I have already raised money?

We are usually the first institutional investors in our start-ups but we have worked with companies that have raised small rounds (<$200K) from accelerators or friends and families. A caveat here, if you have already raised a million or two, we are unlikely to be a fit. 

Raising my Series A. Should I approach you?

No, we are a seed stage VC only, sorry!

Do you only invest in select verticals?

While our investments historically have a slant towards AI-SaaS, developer tools, space technologies, and mobility, we are excited by a lot of other things too. If you’re building something new, we would want to hear from you even if it’s not one of the buckets our other start-ups fall in.

What is the investment process like?

Our process is fairly standard with:

  1. Initial review: We study the materials you have shared with us to determine if they meet our investment criteria.
  2. First meeting: We want to hear you out. Let's get on a call!
  3. Follow-up: We like you and your idea interests us. We'll get at least one partner to listen to you.
  4. Partner meeting: If we are happy with you until now, we'll invite you to meet both our partners. This is followed by an internal IC (investment committee) discussion.
  5. Final meeting: We invite founders to present to the entire team at Speciale Invest. 

Cognizant of the founder's time, we keep our processes quick and transparent. We decide as a team at each stage and usually give you an answer in ~48 hours.

From here, we proceed with term sheets and due diligence processes. 

How much do you invest?

Initial investment ranges between $100k to $500K although we have gone higher and lower. 

What is the average round sizes you participate in?

We have been part of rounds ranging from $100K to $1M, which should last the startup up to 24 months.

Do you do follow-on investments?

We are serious about supporting our companies with follow-on investing and reserve 60% of our corpus for follow-on investments.

Will you lead my investment round?

We are usually a lead in the first investment round, but we have also collaborated with co-investors in the past.